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9 Keys to Fall Prevention for Adults Aging in Place

Many families worry over the welfare of their older adult loved ones. But more seniors are choosing to age in place than ever before, which means prevention is the best way to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Scheduling a companionship call with Gifts of Gab is an excellent way to check in on a senior loved one. But here are nine additional keys to fall prevention for older adults who are aging in place.

Make Adjustments in the Home

Changing your senior’s home is one strategy for eliminating trip hazards and other seemingly invisible risk factors.

● Add grab bars in the restroom and along stairways to provide reinforcement when navigating tricky areas.

● Replace hard floors with softer carpeting (or even install carpet over the top) or trip-free rugs.

● Improve ambient lighting in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms to reduce visibility challenges.

Don’t Go It Alone

Families who can’t be around 24/7 for their loved ones can still offer support from a distance.

● Consider hiring in-home care providers, whether to check in or offer round-the-clock support.

● Use technology to check in often and keep an eye on your loved one (with their permission).

● Support your family member’s friendships and community connections to ensure they’re checked up on often.

Fight Back Against Falls

Though you can’t wrap your loved one in bubble wrap, there are ways to fight back against the risk of a dangerous fall.

● Prioritize self-care that addresses other issues that may contribute to fall risk.

● Get your family member moving and exercising to reduce their susceptibility to falls in the first place.

● Encourage your loved one to begin a daily yoga regimen to build physical strength and stability.

Thinking about your older loved one falling down and sustaining a serious injury can be scary for family and friends. But by taking these steps toward a safer aging-in-place experience can enhance your loved one’s safety and reduce their risk. Then, you can sit back and relax while your senior enjoys their life – safely.

For more information and services that can help your senior to thrive, connect with Gifts of Gab.

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