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Happy Senior Couple
Similar Programs 
Below is a list of programs we have spoken to and chose to pick as resources for social interaction.  

Mission: DOROT understands how important it is for older adults to have access to their community for social engagement and essential needs. Our programs ensure they can safely and comfortably get out and about. With the help of staff and volunteers, DOROT assists seniors with limited mobility to meet everyday needs, and provides companionship to others who want to take advantage of what the city has to offer.
Contact: (212) 769-2850/

Mission: JASA honors older New Yorkers as vital members of society, providing services that support aging with purpose and partnering to build strong communities. 
Contact: 212.273.5200/

Friendly Voices
Mission: Today our research-backed mission is just as critical. Loneliness is a crisis for our elderly population, and the consequences can be dire. Weekly phone conversation helps seniors — whether homebound or in a facility — to know they haven't been forgotten. 
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