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Collecting all Gently Used Ipad/Laptops to redistributed to Isolated Community Members
GiftsofGab.org’s goal for Tech Collect is to provide means for isolated individuals to expand their social network through the use of technology. In order to do that, GiftsofGab.org is collecting all gently used Ipads, laptops, or other forms of technology that can be used to access the internet in order to individually distribute them to community members in need. After they provide the community members with the technology, they will then get them set-up with lessons on how to use it and suggestions on different groups, and ways to expand their social networks through the wonders of the internet. 

To donate please contact GiftsofGab.org
(631) 346-6052 info@giftsofgab.org
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Worried about your Data?

You can easily reinstall windows and reset the entire system by following the directions given by Microsoft at this link ;for Macs, please visit Apple's website at this link.


If you wish to donate your computer and be certain none of your personal files are left on the machine, follow the reset your computer instructions. If you are unsure of how to do this, we can reset your computer for you so that no personal files will remain on the computer.